BULLETIN (October 8, 2013)

On Saturday, October 19, Swinging Doors will return to Studio 55 in San Rafael (www.studio55marin.com) to play two sets. Showtime is 8:00 pm. This room is a fine place to watch and listen to music, and there's space for dancing, too.

The club's website has posted two live videos from our previous gig there, and details about the location are available. It's on East Francisco Blvd. near central San Rafael.

Sadly, after this date, Swinging Doors has decided to disband for the foreseeable future. Proud as we are of the group, we have not been able to secure an economic niche in the San Francisco Bay Area. So we urge our friends and fans to join us at Studio 55 and help us go out in a blaze of glory. We expect this gig to demonstrate how much we've accomplished together in our three years of rehearsing and performing as a band.
Two traits especially set Swinging Doors apart from other hard-country bands:
• Vocal versatility — we have four singers, and we often use three-part harmonies.
• Classic instrumentation — we play at moderate volume levels, and we keep an acoustic guitar prominent in the rhythm, harking back to the Hank Williams band.
Steve Baker plays electric lead guitar and sings the barroom classics he learned as a sideman and leader in the 1980s and 1990s, working with the likes of Rhythm on the Range and the Home Grown Band.

Ray Bierl is our chief lead singer, playing an acoustic rhythm guitar, but uses the fiddle a lot, too. With his name on the front of two CDs and a long track record with Hillbillies from Mars, Ray is known for making each song a memorable story as well as a powerful musical experience.  

Lloyd Ferris uses powerful jazz chops he learned from Jack Taylor to lay down catchy country drum grooves. In the 1980s he played with Steve Baker in Rhythm on the Range, and at the turn of the century he participated in a revival of Country Weather.
  Markie Sanders plays electric bass in irresistible sync with Lloyd's drums, and she is a fine singer, too. Having recorded and performed with too many bands to name, she spent fourteen years in Nashville with appearances on TV and the Grand Ole Opry.

Mayne Smith concentrates on the pedal steel guitar in Swinging Doors and also sings some of his own compositions and a few other favorites. Breaking into electric country rock with The Frontier in 1970, he went on to perform with many bar bands and experimental groups. His name is on the front of three CDs.
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